<VV> Issue 1: 1964 Corvair Convertible Restoration Video series.

Ignacio Valdes ivaldes at hal-pc.org
Fri May 6 09:59:34 EDT 2016

Hi, I am going to do a casual YouTube video series on this convertible

First brief introduction issue is here:


If you want to follow along subscribe on Youtube. It has been about 10
years since I did Lisa's restoration. Please if you have any suggestions on
how to proceed let me know and I will try to work it into the video.


Issue 1 Introduction to the car and Shirley the restoration dog.

Issue 2 which is interior removal is filmed but not uploaded yet.

Issue x will be welding the floor pans which I've never done before. The
pans are on their way from Clark's.

Issue x welding the rest of the rust holes.

Issue x will be engine removal.

Issue x will be paint prep and maybe painting.

-- IV

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