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Although an engine can stop at any point in the 360 degree rotation, it
usually stops in one of several points represented by the compression
stroke giving increased resistance to the crankshaft. 

On the torque converter I took out, the previous owner noticed just one
spot of heavy wear, but when I removed it, there were two areas of heavy

Similar results are noted by people who have a "bad place" in ring gears,
the rest of the ring looks good, just need to rotate the engine with a
wrench or fan belt to get to a good spot to start the engine with the

If the ring gear can be rotated in relation to the crank easily, then it is
a cheap way to get more life out of the car before the big repair.

Frank DuVal

From: Harry Yarnell

How can rotating the torque converter 120° get better tooth area?

corvairduval--- via VirtualVairs

It sure isn't! I had to replace the torque converter in Ashley's car (110
PG) because the ring gear was so worn it broke a starter nose. The PO had
already rotated the torque converter one bolt hole (120 degrees) to get to a
better tooth area. That repair did last a few years. I should post a
picture. Almost no teeth left in one area.

Frank DuVal

Be aware the automatic isn't immune to breaking starter noses.
The welds on the ring gear/ torque converter break, causing the ring gear to
cock and put breaking force on the starter.

Very typical of a loose rivet flywheel.

Do not just replace the pressure plate without removing the flywheel and
testing for the loose rivet problem.

Dave Motohead on Corvair Center Forum has a video on testing flywheels.


Frank DuVal

On 5/8/2016 11:00 PM, Jerry Brown via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Just had a start problem with a 140 engine. The starter engaged and 
> the starter snout broke. The owner didn't tell me he had a bad spot on 
> the ring gear. Son in the morning I remove the engine. I think the 
> timing is off to. I should have suspected something when he said he 
> had a new starter installed. Jerry Brown

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