<VV> Alternator Bolts- Now, Anticipating the Next time

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If I have difficulty dismantling something, I have no problem  replacing a 
bolt or whatever with something that will make it easier next  time.  
Obviously, the replacement needs to be up to the task.
I had to replace a HEI module on a Ford.  It is mounted  to a flat spot on 
the distributor used as a heat sink.  The module was  attached with two 
small hex bolts at the bottom of two "wells."  The ID of  the wells were barely 
larger than the bolts' heads.  I have an extensive  collection of tools but 
no socket had a wall thin enough to fit.  I had to  remove the distributor 
and drill out the wells to get the bolts out.  I  replaced the hex bolts with 
allen bolts.  I doubt I will need to replace  the module again but if I do, 
I can do it easily without removing the  distributor and using a drill.
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Using and Allen wrench bolt makes things a lot  easier.....

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