<VV> Alternator mounting bolts

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Nov 4 13:16:38 EDT 2016

I had one of those unique bolt clearance problems on one of my cars. 
Putting a socket on the bolt head was an actual interference fit.  Had to 
drive the socket onto the head.  Decided this was BS and switched to a 1/2 
drive for the beef.  Used the drive extension along with a mechanics pry 
bar, and taught the turkey roaster extension and cooler door, a lesson in 
Speaking of Delcotron Generators, that's a lot of extra characters to write 
just to say alternator.  I think saying "turkey roaster" is preferable to 
saying "cylinder head cooling air flow controller".   Shroud?  Found a few 
dead mice in there but never any dead people.  We all know there is no such 
a component as a hockey stick in a Corvair.  There is a device that sorta 
looks like one if you squint your eyes.  A lot of people call them castor 
control rods or brake reaction rods.  Is that more correct than "diagonal 
strut"?  My favorite of all is the incorrectly called "drag link".  How that 
name got attached to the "relay rod" I haven't a clue.  Dumb assed GM parts 
engineers called it a drag link.  Clarks picked it up for their catalog. 
You can go back in automotive history as far as they have pictures with 
names on them and a drag link is a drag link.  FCs are the only Corvairs 
that have one.  But if you want to call it a fried milk sandwich, then call 
it a fried milk sandwich.  Just make sure we both know what you are talking 
about before you do that. 

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