<VV> Corvair Oil Filters

Carl Kelsen Arlette Pat arlettecarl at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 10 02:56:44 EST 2016

G'day everyone from Australia 'down under',
The ground up restoration of our factory air conditioned RHD 1965 Monza convertible has been 'on hold' for the past 2 years because I have been building a new garage and also tiling the floors of my garages in polished black tiles.

I am pleased to say that this work is finally complete I am now back on to the reassembly of our '65 right hand drive Corvair.

My question to everyone concerns Corvair oil filters. I ask the following as I recall reading about some Corvair oil filters not sealing very well and I want to avoid my detailed engine suffering from a leaking oil filter.

FRAM PH4 oil filter, orange in colour.
I have about six (6) of these filters. I purchased them in about 2005. Compared  with a genuine NOS GM AC PF4 oil filter (white in colour) they have a thicker outer seal than used on the AC filter, this outer filter slides off and on, nevertheless it looks as if it would or should seal up OK? Perhaps even better than the original filter?

Can anyone tell me if these FRAM PH4 orange coloured oil filters are the filters that gave trouble (leaked) or were there other brands of oil filters that gave trouble?

Carl L. Kelsen
1965 Right Hand Drive Corvair Monza convertible
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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