<VV> Fw: 1969 clutch cable

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 15:23:24 EDT 2016

  Today I went to install a 1969 clutch cable.  All went well in the front including the swivel and pin etc. When I went to hook it up in the back, the threaded end of the cable hit the transmission case, preventing an adjustment.
 I plan to cut about 1/2 an inch off the threaded end so I can get the swivel properly adjusted.
 I did double check to be sure the cable was properly engaged in the front pulley.
 Was there a problem with the '69 cables being a bit too long? Suggestions?
PS: The PO had bastardized the front attachment when they used a 65-68 (ball end)cable. It did fray at the front where a proper swivel cable should have been used. 


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