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The 1960 pinion gear shaft in question is NOT fully splined; just looks like it at first glance. The inner splines are coarser than the rest of the years. Yes, I agree about the CIDCO shaft.  Other years stock pinion shafts are different overall lengths. LM six bolt diff cases for ‘Saginaw’ transmissions have the shortest pinion shaft, in stock configuration, to avoid trans interference.  I will provide a picture of the 1960 shaft when I receive it back from the machinist.

Thanks to all who provided the information.

Chuck S


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The 1960 pinion shaft should only be splined part way up from the end. The only one that I know of that looks like it is splined all the way is the Cidco shaft. The key word is looks like but in reality the splines are only full under the pinion gear area.

Ken Hand

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I have a pinion shaft that appears to be internally splined fully from end-to-end. Anyone seen one like this or ? 


What is different about a 1960 pinion gear shaft and early shafts



Chuck S

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