<VV> "Muncie" v. "Saginaw"

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Type the words "Muncie Trans" and the "Transmission origin police" come out 
 of the woodwork! As one of them, I have previously detailed (laboriously, 
I  know) the reasons for the nickname "Saginaw".  I am glad to hear, though, 
 that a dealer actually did an upgrade to a later trans for a 65. Now, THAT 
is  customer service!  -Seth
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Yes, we  go round and round on this all the time, but I think that 
"Saginaw" has become  the standard term for the transmission used from 1966 through 
1969 Corvairs,  notwithstanding the details of who made what and when?

It seems to  distinguish between the 1965 transmission and all the rest 
that came later, 2  inches longer (requiring a different mount), and bigger, 
beefier and using  completely different bolts for the struts, half-shafts, 
etc, not to mention a  stronger (?) transmission (gears, case, etc) overall?

Mine too was  replaced early on when my 1965 Corsa lost hers  :>~}...

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Others will chime in, but my  understanding is that GM's Saginaw division 
made all the transmissions.   It is also my understanding that Muncie made a 
lot of the gears that went into  the trannys under contract with Saginaw and 
other  manufacturers.

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