<VV> 164 CI FC Block

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Why don't you turn a 145 CI FC block into a 164 CI block?  That is, of course, unless you need an original motor for a '64 or '65 FC.  A 145 to 164 CI FC block is still better than a car motor.
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I could use a bare 164 cu inch FC block , if nearby (100 miles or so). If I 
 dont find one , I will just convert a car block. I have the crank and cam 
I want to use, along with the rest of the parts.
I have an extra RL (turbo ) and RB (Corsa 140) blocks here that are extra 
baggage now.Any reasonable offers? I prefer not to ship , they still have 
most of the studs in them F.O.B. Memphis NY 13112
Regards, Tim Colson _n2vzd at aol.com_ (mailto:n2vzd at aol.com) C N Y C 
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