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Scott beaminscott at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 13:48:45 EDT 2017

I enjoy building engines...for myself. I've built many for myself, a few
and then sold them, and then a few for others. The concern with the latter
is nearly every time they a) don't want the machine work to make sure it
lasts (heads, crank, cam, etc.), b) missing parts that we wait forever on
(I don't have a large supply of parts nor do I have the room to store the
partial engines or even cars for a long period of time), c) they always say
they want it done as fast as I can get it done but then it sits for 6
months to a year or d) they are overly dirty and it takes a month of
weekends to clean up parts and paint them. Now I've also had individuals
who know what they have, have everything needed (already cleaned and any
machine work done), and just want things checked and assembled. These are
the dream people as I get to do what I like and they get an assembled

The object of warranty is a compete other story. I'm in hobby phase of this
so I still have to have a day job to pay the bills. With all of the parts
an assembly can only take a weekend or two but after cleaning, finding
parts, and the machine shops it's a multi-month ordeal.

If I made a business of doing rebuilds I'd have the space to store things
and charge rental on things that sat, but I'm not there yet. If I were
offered a blank check to build them exactly what they want then I probably
would, and I'd have it done in a month. After powder-coating, parts
blasting, hardware, machine work, new internals, and reconstruction of some
parts you looking at nearly $6,000 and no one wants to pay that. If my name
is going on it then it gets what I think it needs...that's why you didn't
build it yourself anyway, right?

For me, it's all about the hobby and keeping it fun.I enjoy driving what I
build, to the point that I purchase running cars and immediately tear them
down. To build it yourself gives you a complete new level of respect for
the car and yourself.


Scott A.
Kansas City, MO
HACOA, MCCA, CPG, Corvanantics, and CORSA
65 Monza Sedan with A/C
65 Monza Sedan-daily driver
67 Monza Sedan

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