<VV> Engine Rebuilding

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Aug 6 11:00:05 EDT 2017

At 05:26 PM 8/5/2017, Michael via VirtualVairs wrote:

>One of the problems is engine age. Do I want to rebuild an engine 
>with 50 year old seats, does the customer want to pay for all new 
>seats and guides?
>  Can I offer a warranty on old metal, do I know what happens to 
> this engine the moment it leaves my shop?...these are all 
> variables, and all of us who
>offer this service have been burned at one time or another. Thrown 
>belts, bad timing, air leaks...etc. alll of these lead to 
>overheating and failure.
>After 75 engine rebuilds, I'm pretty much through except for special cases.

I redo stuff for myself and for friends/club members etc.  Never done 
it professionally, either with 'Vairs or the Mopar stuff.  I take my 
own chances with valve seats... :)

Last time I was inside someone else's engine I had them farm out the 
heads to Michael L.  That settled any questions about seats.


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