<VV> drain plugs for a 1963

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Mon Aug 14 13:44:46 EDT 2017

I have the 1961 shop manual but not the 1963 supplement. It shows the
location of the drain plugs for the manual transmission and the transaxel. 
I am out of town and don't have access to our 1963 corvair so I can crawl
under to look. I was just told that the 1963 model does not have drain plugs!! 
Is that correct? If no, what is the best way to change the gear lube?  

Bill 'y

Correct!!  you use a "suction gun"  or Pump  AFTER you warm the lube up,  hopefully.   Many add the plugs..

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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