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FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Aug 21 18:16:31 EDT 2017

A little clarity.

Does the ignition coil get hot?

Does the wire from the junction box (you mean the red plastic junction 
stud, voltage regulator or some  added connection?) to the solenoid plug 
(two terminals, one purple wire and a smaller yellow wire or two wires 
on the harness side of this connector) get hot quickly, or slowly warms 
up when the key is left on for a minute or so?

Does it not get so hot when the engine is running?

When the key is on, with the engine is not running, and the points are 
closed, the resistor wire in the harness back there is conduction about 
8 to 10 amps, so yes, the resistor wire will warm up. This resistor wire 
is the cloth covered one.

Frank DuVal

On 8/21/2017 12:54 PM, Richard via VirtualVairs wrote:
> When the ignition switch is on, the hot wire going from the junction box on the firewall to the solenoid plug gets hot. (65 Monza). I disconnected the plug at the firewall and inserted a separate hot wire to the wire in question and it still gets hot. I disconnected the positive wire to the coil and it doesnt get hot. I left the positive wire on the coil and disconnected the negative wire on the coil and it doesnt get hot. (New coil). I disconnected the plug to the solenoid and it gets hot. Anybody  know what's wrong?

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