<VV> Need some information to help fix a problem with my 65 Monza PG

Larry Forman larry at forman.net
Mon Aug 21 19:14:20 EDT 2017

I am having an issue with my Powerglide on my new 1965 Corvair Monza 110 
PG.   The issue is that the tranny frequently wants to delay going from 
first into second and has a moment where the rpms rise before it settles 
into second.   Also, it now has an additional occasional issue where the 
transmission will chatter as I am just starting out from a stop.   It 
seems like the first band is not grabbing fully for a fraction of a 
second and the transmission makes noise and vibrates as the transmission 
locks into first gear.   My thought was that the tranny fluid might be 
low.   I know my particular dip stick is "odd" in that the handle was 
riveted onto the dip stick shaft and sticks out several inches beyond 
the top dipstick cap.   I am thinking that the dip stick might not be 
the correct length.   I measured 17-1/4 inches from the full level mark 
(where the fluid is resting when idling and hot) to the top of the dip 
stick cap that is shoved against the transmission fill pipe.

Could someone who has a Late PG measure the distance on the dip stick 
for me, please?   I don't want to add fluid and possibly overfill the 

Also, I have used Chemtool B12 successfully to solve issues like this 
with other automatic transmissions.   I lower the level just a bit so I 
can add a pint of Chemtool B12 and drive the car for a couple of miles 
while that solvent frees up some sticking shifting mechanisms.   Then 
drain the tranny and refill.   If I don't drain and refill, the Chemtool 
B12 evaporates and any shifting symptoms that were fixed then return.

Thanks for any assistance and suggestions,

Larry Forman

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