<VV> Need some information to help fix a problem with my 65 Monza PG

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Mon Aug 21 19:50:17 EDT 2017

page 16 in Clark's Tech tips lists the 65-69 PG dipstick as 21 9/16" from
the full line to the top of the cap and the 60-64 as 19"

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> I am having an issue with my Powerglide on my new 1965 Corvair Monza 110
> PG.   The issue is that the tranny frequently wants to delay going from
> first into second and has a moment where the rpms rise before it settles
> into second.   Also, it now has an additional occasional issue where the
> transmission will chatter as I am just starting out from a stop.   It seems
> like the first band is not grabbing fully for a fraction of a second and
> the transmission makes noise and vibrates as the transmission locks into
> first gear.   My thought was that the tranny fluid might be low.   I know
> my particular dip stick is "odd" in that the handle was riveted onto the
> dip stick shaft and sticks out several inches beyond the top dipstick cap.
>  I am thinking that the dip stick might not be the correct length.   I
> measured 17-1/4 inches from the full level mark (where the fluid is resting
> when idling and hot) to the top of the dip stick cap that is shoved against
> the transmission fill pipe.
> Could someone who has a Late PG measure the distance on the dip stick for
> me, please?   I don't want to add fluid and possibly overfill the tranny.
> Also, I have used Chemtool B12 successfully to solve issues like this with
> other automatic transmissions.   I lower the level just a bit so I can add
> a pint of Chemtool B12 and drive the car for a couple of miles while that
> solvent frees up some sticking shifting mechanisms.   Then drain the tranny
> and refill.   If I don't drain and refill, the Chemtool B12 evaporates and
> any shifting symptoms that were fixed then return.
> Thanks for any assistance and suggestions,
> Larry Forman
> 916-216-9801
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