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 I'd stick with the real Dexron. I's been improved in the last 60 years or so. Just be sure you get the latest version. AC Delco can license another supplier to make various versions of Dexron. It will say Dexron XX on the container not compatible with.

 Some ATF manufactures say their fluid is compatable with Dexron XX. This  means it is not licensed by Dexron. Last Dexron V or VI should be fine. Full synthetic.

Look it up on the internet. Most FLAPS simply do know this.

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Hi Jim,
I was discussing this with a Corvair mechanic in Vacaville I know very 
well.  He said that I definitely should suck the fluid out to the full 
level and see if that cures the problem as the fluid level is about 
1-1/2 inches too high.  That should be an easy fix to test.

He said that I could suck as much of the ATF out as I can get and when I 
refill it I should use Ford ATF, not the Dextron III or IV.  He 
explained that GM has ATF additives that soften the shifting but that 
Ford has additives that make the shifting much firmer and stiffer.  He 
had a race car with a PowerGlide and used Ford ATF so that shifting was 
a lot more positive and firm.

I will still report what I find for the solution to these PG problems.


On 8/22/2017 9:44 AM, James Koenig via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> I am experiencing the same issue with my PG, well just the low gear
> shutter.  I do not know the cause, but found if I manually put it into low
> it locks into low just fine.
> Let me know if you find the answer, I will be fixing mine soon.
> Jim
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