<VV> Wire Wheels Need tubes?

Hugo Miller Hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Thu Aug 31 10:11:16 EDT 2017

### Are you sure they didn't say you can't use tubes in TUBELESS tires? 
There's nothing against using tubes in radials, and while some have said you 
shouldn't put tubes in tubeless tires, because the inner surface of the tire 
is too rough,  I think that is more myth than fact. I would be more 
concerned about the tube chafing on the rubberized material in the wheel 
rim, which is not very smooth. Motorcycles with laced wheels always used to 
use a rubber rim tape to cover the spoke nipples and seal against leaks.
What I would do is inflate the tire & hold the wheel+tire under water to see 
where the leak is. It might just need a dab of sealant in one spot, or you 
might investigate fitting a rim tape if there are multiple leaks.
For what it's worth, I just bought a set of wire wheels from Clarks - their 
last set I believe - but I haven't fitted tires to them yet. Let's hope mine 
seal better than yours!
Finally, the set I bought were for the later Corvair with five-stud wheel 
fixings. That is all Clarks had left. My car is an early type with four 
studs, so I bought a set of universal adaptors on ebay to fit. Which means I 
now have a brand new set of five-stud wire wheel adaptors sitting in my 
garage in Florida - if anybody wants them, make me an offer; 
Hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk.

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I bought a set of Clark's repo wire wheels.  They were vague on whether I 
needed to use tubes.  My tire shop said we couldn't use tubes in radial 
tires, and they were not needed since the wire wheels had a rubberized 
material covering the nipples of the wires on the inside of the wheel.  So 
they installed them w/o tubes.

Woke up this morning and one wheel is completely flat.

Is this just a fluke to do I really need tubes?

Art Linden

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