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All:  I bought the C&D issue Rich mentioned after reading Allen's interview
at Barnes and Nobel.  Don't know why he and C&D have to use profanity, but
this would be a different discussion.  

Not only did Allen say nice things about the Corvair, he referred to a motor
he calls "the Cammer".  He says he has pieces of one, but apparently cannot
find the rest of the motor with his contacts at GM.  

It would be very interesting to see photos of what he has.  Sounds like bits
and pieces of the SOHC engine GM R&D were working on in about 64-65.
Development stopped about the same time Cole canceled the 3rd generation of
the Corvair.  This was the engine displayed alongside the Astro 1 at the
1967 NY Auto show.  AMT made a model of both back in the period.  Wonder if
any info still exists in AMT successor's files. 

I assume there is info and photos out there on the net.  I have magazine
articles from back then.  

I grew up 13 houses west of Woodward Ave and 4 blocks north of 8 mile road,
which is the Detroit City limits.  Tim is 8 years younger than I.  By 1963,
the police forces Woodward Ave passed thru had united against street racing
on Woodward.  I remember the assembly in high school when one of the
Ferndale offices said these ominous words:  "You can outrun our cars, but
you cannot out run our radios."  And the clamp down began.  So I don't think
the street racing was as extensive and pervasive in Tim's day as it was in

Thanks Rich for mentioning the issue.  Anybody on first name basis with Tim

Historically Yours,
		James Rice 


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Check out the Tim Allen piece in the Jan 2018 of Car & Driver, the last
page, "What I'd do Differently?"  Nice comments about our favorite car.

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