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Since I've been driving a Corvair, I've never thought of outrunning a cop either..  I like to think of it as common sense but there is the possibility there is more than one single reason behind it.


Sent while I'm on the run. That should explain the heavy breathing.

One of the relatively few things that piss me off is when I see people in high speed chases with police.  These criminals risk their own lives which might be OK if that was as far as it went.  However, it also endangers the lives of police.  Worst of all, they risk the lives of innocent pedestrians and occupants of other vehicles on the street.  "Pedestrians" and "Occupants of other cars" include grannies and infants as well as anyone in between.  Innocent people get injured and sometimes die.  If the guy gets caught and goes to court and if I was the judge, each charge of blindly running a light or stop sign would bring a criminal charge of reckless endangerment.  Every time the running car tapped a bumper or fender of an occupied car, it would bring a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.  If the "accidents" were with unoccupied cars or other property, it would bring criminal charges of willful destruction of property.  If found guilty, the jail terms would be consecutive; not concurrent.  


When they catch these people in front of TV cameras, you see the arrest but never learn of the penalties.  Again, with the hypothetical case of me as judge, I would do my best to see that the severe sentencing caught the attention of every form of media and was presented prominently.  This wouldn't be an "arrogant" and idle threat, It would be a real life example of cause and effect.  Perhaps idiots who idolize the "runners" and think they might like to emulate them would think twice before following in their footsteps or tire tracks, as the case may be.


I am not a prude about street racing.  I did my share of street racing on Front Street and Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia.  The racers were taking personal risks but not risking lives and property of others not in consent.  The races were semi organized without "through traffic."  It was great fun that rarely resulted in accidents.  Those accidents never involved innocent bystanders.  Police would sometimes drift by to disperse the crowd.  I never ran from the police in that or any scenario.  But that's just me.





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I always got a kick out of that kind of arrogance. I knew "someone" that outran cops and their radios regularly. Never did get caught when running.

Joel McGregor

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