<VV> New version of the 1969 Corvair Roster available for download

Dave Leonard dave at arborlea.com
Tue Dec 19 18:37:11 EST 2017

Apparently you have to be logged-in to Facebook for the link to work - sorry
- didn't realize that!   I'll forward the file to anyone who wants it who is
not on FB - just drop me an email directly.  It's not a very large PDF file,
so email is no problem.  I'm also going to put it up on the Corsa site.


>> A new version of the 1969 Corvair Roster and configuration summaries is
now available, with additional information on many existing cars and 21 new
finds.  This updates the previous version from September 2015.  As of now,
the roster contains 1349 vehicles, for a total of 22% of the total '69
production. A remarkable 60% of the 521 Convertibles are now on the roster.
Feel free to print and share, and if you see anything not quite right, let
me know.  Here is the download link (from Facebook) where the file is




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