<VV> Fuel gauge sending unit issue- Solved

Charlie Davies chasdavies at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 21:00:50 EST 2017

A while back I posted an issue about a problem I was having with my fuel gauge after replacing the defective float. 

It turns out that the replacement floats that I received were void free but are made from a slightly heavier brass material than the standard OEM Corvair float. Someone had suggested a Mustang float as a replacement and posted a link to one on Amazon or eBay. I purchased that float and while it will float on its own, when it is attached to the and of the float arm, there is enough weight that the float will actually sink in gas. I ordered a whole new sending unit. It arrived today and was installed. The float in this new replacement unit is clearly made from a lighter weight brass material. All is well and everything is functioning properly.  Thanks for all the support!


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