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Thanks Seth,
The pictures perfectly illustrate the angle of the A arm shafts and the corresponding twist in the left and right A arms to put the upper ball joint mounting surface at a relatively level angle.  Switching the arms would put the ball joint at an angle that would not easily engage the spindle.
Next time I'll etch L or R, but now I know how to identify them.




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Stew - See the two photos. When installed in the car,  the upper A-Arm  is
"leaning" down at the back to provide caster during rotational travel -  See
the "inside" shot. (The two front crossmember mounting bolts are level to
the ground when installed) In order for the ball-joint to provide a "flat"
mounting face toward the spindle, needed for clearance, the mounting
surface for the ball joint is twisted back the other way, see the "outside"  shot.
(downward toward the front.) Does this make sense? - Seth

inside right side

Outside - Right side

In a message dated 2/6/2017 11:10:35 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:

This is  a really timely discussion, as I have the front end of my '65
apart to replace  ball joints and A-arm bushings. Surprisingly, the A-arm
bushings are original  '65 rubber and not in bad shape, but it's apart so out they
come. What's  worrying me is the discussion of "did you switch the left and
right upper A  arms?" Naturally I marked them left and right, then soaked
them in carb  cleaner, which deleted my markings. So the question is, are
they different?  And how do I tell left from right? The lower arms are obvious
because they  have the sway bar mounts.

Stew from  Arkansas

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