<VV> Lisa won't start.

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Don't cause sparks near the battery.  You don't need to unplug the connector 
to bypass the start circuit of the switch.  You  do need to be careful as 
you are bypassing every safety device built into the starting system.  Use a 
piece of scrap wire.  Jam one end into the connector (stick it in parallel 
to the purple wire).  Make sure everything is set to start  the engine:  in 
neutral, brake set, ignition switch on . . . .   Touch the free end of the 
wire to the "BAT" lug of the voltage regulator.

Remember if you maim yourself doing this, I didn't tell you to do it.

Jim Becker

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Did you try shorting the purple wire to the positive terminal of the
battery. You need to de-mate the connection near the fire wall and get 12V
to the end of the purple wire that goes through to the starter solenoid
(the one that goes through the grommet. In a pinch, you can use the
dip-stick by wiping it clean, poking the pointy end into the connector, and
touching somewhere along the length to the positive terminal.

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> If it's not a PG, how about a push start in order to get her home where 
> you
> can troubleshoot in comfort?
> Jim
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> Hi, Lisa wouldn't start in the parking lot at work today. Battery appears
> good, lights turn on bright. Lights were not left on. Starter does 
> nothing.
> I had to abandon her overnight, I will return tomorrow. Almost certainly a
> bad connection but where? What can I do to get her started? What could it
> be? What tools and such should I bring to get her started again? -- IV
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> Bring a VOLTMETER!!         Most likely a bad connection..
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