<VV> 1965 Corvair auto bellhousing inspection plate?

Arlette Pat arlettecarl at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 22 05:00:19 EST 2017

G'day everyone,
I am slowly, but progressively dealing with all the minor issues before reinstalling the completely restored drive train to our RHD Monza convertible.

While checking everything for any missed items I noticed an uncovered square shaped opening on the engines bellhousing. It looks as if a steel inspection panel might be missing and that this steel panel perhaps originally clipped into place covering this opening. My guess is that at some point in the cars life this steel panel either fell off or was not replaced after having been removed.

Is my thinking correct? Was this openning originally covered or was it left open? If I am right, then I would like to obtain one of these cover plates. Does anyone have one that they would be prepared to sell?

Regards from 'down under' in Australia
Carl L. Kelsen
RHD 1965 Monza convertible

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