<VV> VirtualVairs Digest, Vol 144, Issue 6

Lon Sales at CorvairUnderground.com
Sun Jan 8 22:26:25 EST 2017

Hi Jerry - I've heard similar.  Much more ominous was the Ebay 
announcement that "AC-Delco_ pumps "made during the early 90's" are also 
flooding the market.  Any pumps made in the 90's and boxed "AC" were 
manufactured by Master Products (Airtex is their retail label but they 
also reboxed for AC and other private brands)

Unfortunately 1992 was the period that saw a single defective run from 
Master -  I am concerned that many of those pumps were not properly 
returned to Master during their recall and, while some have surfaced 
under other brand names over the years, what we may be seeing now is a 
large number of them resurfacing on the market through Ebay.

Right now the proper mechanical pumps seem to have been discontinued. 
That's why it's even more important to carefully document all the 
failures we are seeing and try and get an ACCURATE idea what's going on 
(as opposed to the absurd witchhunt that followed the SINGLE 
manufacturing problem from 1992)

Lon Wall

> From: Jerry Brown <air_cooled63 at yahoo.com>
> Hi all. I've been hearing a lot of flak about a new fuel pump leaking, made by Spectra Premium part number SP1200MP, ?100% Factory tested & approved and MADE IN THE USA, according to information on the box it comes in. ?Paul Broyles in Charleston SC stated that his started leaking upon installing it and never run the engine. ?I'm sure a lot others have had the same problem. Would like to hear input from other people having the same problem.?Jerry Brown?

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