<VV> AC-Delco fuelpumps TODAY!!

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Sun Jan 8 23:09:37 EST 2017

Hi Jerry - I've heard similar.  Much more ominous was the Ebay 
announcement that "AC-Delco_ pumps "made during the early 90's" are also 
flooding the market.  Any pumps made in the 90's and boxed "AC" were 
manufactured by Master Products (Airtex is their retail label but they 
also reboxed for AC and other private brands)

Lon Wall

NOTICE:    FEI           Lon is talking about   "AC   -    DELCO"  the original branded name for decades...

TODAY    you will see "ACDelco"   [   NO  DASH  !!!" ]  and who the MFG  is;  is unknown to many of us...so far..

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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