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OK, Who is this mysterious writer who doesn't give us a name?
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I don't agree on all your points. I agree that Bryan  does a significant 
amount of under appreciated and under acknowledged work for  CORSA, but as an 
Eastern Division Director, Bryan does have a responsibility  to keep his 
constituents informed. I also know that unpacking after a  convention can be 
taxing, and lest we forget, he has a full time job as well.  I guess I'm a 
little more patient than Bob, not that I believe he was  impatient, just asking 
for information. Also, I don't see CORSA being in  upheaval. It will be a 
trying time for the board, for sure, but the board  seems to be working with 
more direction than when I was on it. I'm confident  CORSA will be fine.

> On Jul 12, 2017, at 6:23 PM, Henry  Kaczmarek via VirtualVairs 
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> Bob---Bryan does a lot for VV and CORSA but it's not up to him to  fill us
> in.  
> With Harry and Mike leaving I see CORSA in  a bit of upheaval that I've 
> seen in 30 years.  Will be  interesting to see how it all comes out. 
> Hoping of course it  comes out well.    
> Hank 
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