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Thu Mar 2 11:06:34 EST 2017

Rick Loving / Vair Historian  needs some help!!

His email is  

ral1963 at comcast.net

Does anyone know the "oldest" published model numbers for Corvair Forward Control trucks (and where those totals came from?)?

When you look at all the historical numbers for 1963 FC production there is a 3,141 variance between what has been reported historically...and I want to fix it!!!

...according to the Corvair Decade (not sure where Tony pulled them) and repeated across dozens of publications and websites...here is what FC Model breakdown for 1963 has been reported.

1963 Corvan = 11,161 Units
1963 Greenbriar = 13,761 Units
1963 Rampside = 2,046 Units
1963 Total Model Breakdown = 26,968

Here is the issue,
According to GM documents, 1963 plant production at St Louis and Flint for Corvair FC's was as follows..

1963 Flint = 15,211 (Last VIN built)
1963 St Louis = 14,898 (Last VIN built)
1963 Total VIN Production = 30,109

So we have 3,141 Corvair FC's NOT accounted for in the Model breakdown?

Since FC's don't really have a "Body number" listed on the Fisher Tag like cars...can anyone think of a way to accurately "correct" the production by model information?

Was the original "model" numbers derived from a % built?


1961 Model breakdown matches VIN totals exactly at 47,557
1962 Model breakdown matches VIN totals close at 47,557 model vs 14,570 by VIN (13 more reported by Model)

1962 Model breakdown is off by 3,141...and needs to be revised...

1964 Model breakdown matches VIN totals exactly at 15,199
1965 Model breakdown matches VIN totals exactly at 1,528


ral1963 at comcast.net

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