<VV> Yoke/seal interference

Joel McGregor joel at joelsplace.com
Wed Mar 8 17:48:06 EST 2017

Assuming there isn't anything wrong with the yoke and I understand the question - I know the answer.
The drivetrain is shifted to that side for some reason.  
I have a '63 with a bent rear engine mount attach point that rubs when in a hard corner.  Bad transmission mounts, lower control arm bushings, bent control arm or anything that allows the powertrain to shift to that side or makes the wheel bearing mount point closer can cause the issue.

Joel McGregor

Smitty Says;  

I have another problem that I have not been able to resolve.  The axle yoke on an Early where it plugs into the Diff has been abrading on the metal of the yoke seal on one side, and has worn through it.  The seal was fully inserted into the diff, and yes the bearing flange shaped shims at the ends of the control arm are in place.  How Come?


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