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edward szuch egszuch at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 20:24:31 EDT 2017

Has anyone tried the Vredestein Sprint Classic tires listed on their
website?  They're steel belted radials made in the Netherlands.
Two sizes are listed for 13" wheels and they sound like they would work on
the Corvair.
One is listed as a 6.40SR-13- and it sounds like a standard use tire.
A second is a 205VR60-13 which would be more of a high performance 60
series radial.  I had BR60-13 Radial T/A tires on my 66 Corsa and these are
similar in size.  I still have the tires but don't trust them.
They're not cheap but may be an option to the Chinese alternatives.  I
think they range in price from about $137-$144.

Gary Szuch

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