<VV> VirtualVairs Digest, Vol 146, Issue 38

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Sat Mar 25 15:32:28 EDT 2017

From: Robert Brought <blbrought at gmail.com>
I took the steering wheel off, (65 Corsa, standard wheel) to paint it.  I
reassembled it exactly as it came off and now depressing the horn ring does
not honk the horn.  I have had it apart and back together several times,
cleaned all contact points and checked  that all parts are where they are
supposed to be.  I dismantled my wifes' daily driver to compare, all looks
correct and when I put hers back together , it works.  When I short the
little spring loaded contact to the center shaft , the horn honks, so I
know that the horn and wiring are good.  What am I missing??????
Bob Brought
Smitty says.  You got to step way out of the box for an answer sometime. 
Not saying your problem is same as mine was but:  Here goes.  (On and 
Early}.  Horn started honking less and less often. With everything looking 
good for a week and by now grasping at straws, and knowing the the little 
spring loaded contactor through the wheel was not making good contact with 
the brass collar at the top of the column I very intelligently extended the 
button by adding a dollop of solder.  Horn worked fine for a week or so and 
then went back to intermittent again.   Another week of discussing the 
heritage of GM engineers and hoping their dogs would bite them, I found the 
two bolt coupling where the steering shaft joins the stub shaft coming out 
of the gear box, had worked loose and allowing the shaft to "Get Longer", 
moving the wheel away from the column.  Good luck Bob. 

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