<VV> Corsa Stalling Problem

Jim corvair at frontiernet.net
Wed May 10 16:34:11 EDT 2017

I have a '65 Corsa, 140.  It has a problem occurring more often than not
with idling and when cruising.  The problem is that unless the gas is
blipped or the engine kept to about 2000 RPM, it dies.  It's not like
turning the ignition off, and the engine quits immediately; rather, it
simply slows and stalls.  It will restart immediately.  When driving around
30 MPH in 3rd in my neighborhood the car bucks with just a light touch on
the gas pedal as you would when maintaining the speed.  I can feel it
bucking while holding the speed, but less so, when on an expressway.  It
accelerates fine and will run up to 70 on the expressway with no problem.  A
few times it started and drove okay when I ran an errand but then reverted
to the stalling when I came out of the store to come home.  It can happen
vice-versa as well.


Here's what I've tried:

*	New fuel pump [today]
*	New fuel filters in the carbs [today]
*	Took off the top of the passenger side carb to check the main jet
and found it to be clear [today]
*	I let it stall and then looked in the carbs while moving the
throttle linkage and found normal accelerator pump operation [today]
*	Rebuilt the primary carbs 22,000 miles [7 years] ago
*	Replaced the front and rear fuel line hoses 20,000 miles [7 years]
*	Injected low pressure air back through the fuel line to the tank
from the fuel pump end and heard it bubbling in the tank [today]
*	Replaced the electronic ignition I had in the car with the stock
points and condenser and reset the timing [today]


Have I missed anything?  Can anyone help me solve this problem?  Is it time
for carb rebuilds?


Jim Bartasevich


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