<VV> electrical problem

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at yahoo.com
Mon May 15 10:46:30 EDT 2017

1966 Corvair...Quick history: Car sat outside all winter with batterydisconnected. It started right away. Drove it a bit . Started next day and moved it. Next day a dead battery. Recharged anddrove it. Next day a dead battery. Recharged itdrove into garage for maintenance. With the key out, I noticed a faintglow of the temp/press idiot light and realized there was a batterydraw.
Stuff observed:   
   -  ignition on, both red idiot lights are on bright. Should be 
   - start the engine, both idiot lights go off. Should be 
   - all instruments and electrical functions appear normal. Should be 
   - engine off, ignition on, disconnected the oil & press/over temp wires in the engine bay, the idiot lights go off. Should be 
   -  engine off, with the key removed from the starter switch, the oil pressure/over temp light stay on very dimly. Should not be 
   - engine off, disconnecting the main wire harness connection in the engine compartment will turn off the dim idiot light. Should be??
Where is bulb getting power to lightup dimly?? 

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