<VV> Power top wiring

Kenneth Schifftner scrubbr at ix.netcom.com
Mon May 15 09:04:57 EDT 2017

I am currently replacing the wiring in my ’64 convertible that is equipped with a power top. I’m looking for a wiring diagram of the connection between the dash harness and the main harness (connections under the dash behind the radio). The multiple connectors just go one way but it appears that the power top (yellow) wiring joins at that location.The complication is that the vehicle is a “Sponza”, part Monza but that was converted early on to a Spyder dash. The new harnesses are both for a Spyder, the old for the Monza. The diagram in the Assembly Manual is unclear, at least to me. 


Kenneth Schifftner
kschifftner48 at gmai.com


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