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Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Wed May 31 18:48:22 EDT 2017

My neglected '61 Rampside has a 110 engine (from a '65 or so car) that starts fine when cold. But drive it a while and shut it off, and it will crank slowly (errr, errr, errrrrr, errrrrrrrrr) but not enough to restart the engine. The battery is OK (about three years old and was used to start my '64 a few weeks ago). Jumping the battery (with my Costco charger/starter) doesn't help much; the cranking motor turns a bit faster, but again, not enough. But if I leave the car for a little while and return to it, the engine will start. That sounds like vapor lock, right? But the truck has an electric pump that keeps working. Next time I'll carry a bottle of water and pour it over the fuel lines and pump, then see what happens.Meanwhile, any thoughts? --Tom in Ohio 

 Tom,  that's the starter motor's endplate bushing!!  Your starter is "dragging"  when hot.....   take the starter out......  put  nosecone in vice  with endplate up.  Remove the two 3/8"  head bolts and lift out....  rotate  the endplate 180 degrees and re-assemble...  Now the armature's endshaft will ride on the NEW part of the bushing... and be fine...for decades..

Our starter motor's are 1950's technology....

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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