<VV> Turn Signal Switch Removal

edward szuch egszuch at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 22:11:36 EDT 2017

I'm writing again about a suspected turn signal switch corrosion issue on
my 66 Corsa causing my left side, front turn signal not to work.  I chose
to drive the car through the summer and made left turns by holding the
lever down to make the left front signal work.  I had some very helpful
comments back in June.  Now it's time to clean the corrosion but I need to
get access to the contacts.

I've pulled the steering wheel off and I can partially see the contacts
under the canceling pawl and it appears that there is one screw that holds
the pawl to the switch base but access is blocked by the retaining plate in
the housing.  If I could get that one screw out, I could get to the switch
base and clean the contacts.  If I could simply get the switch up and away
from the retaining plate, then I could get to the screw.

The switch assembly also acts as the upper bearing housing for the shaft
and it just doesn't want to come off.  I'm very wary about manhandling the
51 year old nylon switch so is this something that can be tapped off or is
a puller necessary?  Based off pictures in the shop manual, it looks like
this should come off without me pulling the whole mast.

I would appreciate any shared past experiences with this issue.

Gary Szuch

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