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Thanks John!!

Kevin Nash

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Well- if printed in a plastic, I suspect it would need thicker sections
for mechanical strength.
After all, it is not just going around, it is pushing lots of air!
And the accel/decel of the fan (rapid change of rotational velocity)
might put some interesting stresses on it.
But the curve of the blades may make it very strong against change of
rotational speed.

Jay- You got that right!! There's a lot of work left to do if this fan ends up made from
a non-metal... tip flutter is a serious real concern unless compensated for by thicker
sections. I may end up having to make it thicker anyways for printing purposes.

 Also, unfortunately, no progress has been made on the engine, I'm still waiting for
my piston and cylinder sets to show up, and the hold up is still the 2 custom forged
pistons. ARRGGG! If the delay goes on too much longer, I might be tempted to either
get 2 cast pistons, or see about maybe using the non-offset ones.... I got a fan
to test you know!!
Kevin Nash

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