<VV> My new experimental fan

mark at noakes.com mark at noakes.com
Sun Nov 12 19:04:36 EST 2017


Send the stl file to my work addr; you should already have that. I'll 
see if we have a mechanism in place that could print it for you in metal 
that won't cost a fortune. No promises but will give it a try.


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> Nicely?done!
> Thanks John!!
> Kevin Nash
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> Well- if printed in a plastic, I suspect it would need thicker sections
> for mechanical strength.
> After all, it is not just going around, it is pushing lots of air!
> And the accel/decel of the fan (rapid change of rotational velocity)
> might put some interesting stresses on it.
> But the curve of the blades may make it very strong against change of
> rotational speed.
> Jay- You got that right!! There's a lot of work left to do if this fan ends up made from
> a non-metal... tip flutter is a serious real concern unless compensated for by thicker
> sections. I may end up having to make it thicker anyways for printing purposes.

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