<VV> My new experimental fan

Hugo Miller Hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Tue Nov 14 04:03:32 EST 2017

#### The problem with that is that there would be a heck of a shock when you 
took up the drive again. I have a (British) 1953 Bristol 2 litre which has a 
freewheel (= over-running clutch) on first gear instead of synchromesh. If 
you are too fierce taking up the drive again you can burst the gear. It 
consists of a roller bearing with a series of ramps so it will only drive 
one way. Maybe there's a more modern design incorporating a damper of some 
sort? Otherwise I can only imagine the forces that will be transmitted if 
you were to sit there blipping the throttle! Probably the shock would put 
more strain on the belt too than if you left it solidly connected.

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Jim- It has been done and is a good idea! the downside is that the 
overrunning clutch tends to be expensive

and the only advantage to it is that it helps keep the belt on during a high 
rpm downshift. For street cars though, simply keeping the belt a bit loose 
works well and doesn't cost anything (except a bit of extra belt


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It's probably been suggested before but what's preventing one from using a
over running clutch in the fan drive.  It would eliminate all deceleration
forces from the pulley/belt?  Jes wonderin'.
Jim '66 turbovert

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