<VV> Fans....!

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 14 23:07:56 EST 2017

I just wanted to point out that I designed my fan to hopefully solve the unique cooling challenges involved

with turbo corvairs, and as such, the expected output is considerably higher than most N/A corvairs, even the hopped up ones, really need. As such, the best way  to set this fan up for most street cars is to run it geared down, probably right around 1:25:1, and it will still have more cooling than the stock set-up, but use dramatically less power, because of the gearing and much improved efficiency. So, while the good idea

of a hydraulic drive does have some serious attractive features, especially if it had a nice feedback/temperature management system to keep the heads at a constant temperature irrespective of engine rpm and load, I'm pretty certain that most will find that the simple old stock mule drive is going

to work quite nicely with my fan. I cant wait to get this thing and my car and test it for real!!

Kevin Nash
63 Turbo, port injected EFI,

currently apart

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