<VV> Fuel gauge issue (SOLVED)

Charlie Davies chasdavies at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 09:05:30 EST 2017

Those who suggested a mechanical issue were correct.  The float has a small crack adjacent to the recess groove for the float arm.  A new float is on order.  Thanks for the help.


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Need help from the Corvair brain trust.  My 64 gas gauge is not giving the 
proper reading.

Background: Tank and sending unit was replaced in 2012 (Clarks).  Until 
recently, the gauge worked as expected, with one exception, it never goes 
below empty while the ignition is on.  I ran out of gas once because I 
thought I had a little left in the tank.

Now the gauge is not giving any semblance of a proper reading.

Key off - gauge reads < empty.
Key on - tank is full, gauge reads just above empty.
Key on - tan wire on sending unit disconnected - gauge reads > full.

I drained the tank, removed the sending unit.  Measured resistance on 
sending unit readings go from 1.65 to 37 ohms.  With the unit out of the 
tank we verified that moving the float does in fact move the gauge 
proportionally.  I reinstalled the unit in the tank, refilled the tank, 
reconnected the wiring, turned on the key, gauge is just above empty.

Any thoughts?



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