<VV> Concentric wheel spacer necessary?

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Nov 27 23:08:06 EST 2017

I thought of this discussion Sunday when I was putting the rear tires 
back on my 84 F-150 after doing brakes. The factory wheels on this model 
are 3/16" or so away from the center hub on the axle! Just the lug nuts 
holding the wheel to the center of the axle.  Never noticed before, as 
it runs the factory wheel covers, and why would I question the factory 
design until I heard the term hub-centric in Corvair discussion forums. 
Never an issue in 150k miles, hauling loads of heavy Corvair parts!

Frank DuVal

On 11/27/2017 1:08 PM, James Cuneo via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Hi all,
> I found a wheel,  17x8 with nearly the perfect backspace, 5.25", 5x4.75" pattern. The center hole is larger than the hub so does not self center.
> Spinning the wheel mounted on the front hub reveals maybe 1/8th of an inch run out. Is a spacer necessary, or are the studs enough to maintain the wheel securely centered? Street driver only.
> They are an off brand retro Torque Thrust that look great.
> Thank you,

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