<VV> Blocked brake hose

hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Mon Oct 16 09:32:35 EDT 2017

Just doing a brake overhaul on a 1964 convertible I just bought, I 
found both rear wheel cylinders leaking. Only done the right one so far. 
There was so much crud in the cylinder I decided to flush out the brake 
lines - probably still got the original brake fluid in there! Put an 
air-line on the pipe from the master cylinder, & nothing would come out 
the back. I could blow from the back to the front (& fill the trunk with 
dirty fluid!) but nothing from front to back. Flexible hose was acting 
as a very efficient one-way valve.
Incidentally it took me a while (and a search on Google!) to figure out 
how to get the cylinder off - I ended up removing three of the nuts that 
hold the drive shaft to the backplate, & undoing the fourth to the end 
of its thread. That enabled me to pull the axle shaft out just enough to 
get a 3/8" wrench on those little fixing bolts.
One down one to go!

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