<VV> DD 65 Monza 110-4 - new 'noise'

Harry Yarnell (Verizon) harryyarnell at verizon.net
Tue Sep 5 16:32:05 EDT 2017

“ be careful” simply meant, hey,

this loose flywheel can break starter noses.


As to replacing more ‘stuff’, if the clutch disc looks ok (not worn down to the rivots, nor oil soaked), reuse it. Does the clutch feel ‘right’, then the pressure plate is probably ok.

You SHOULD check the welds of the starter ring on the pressure plate. Use a screwdriver to try to pry the ring off the PP at the welds to expose a cracked weld. It’s not a common problem, but happens enough that it should be checked.


Replace the pilot bushing.

Replace the throwout bearing.

Bear in mind that to do this job requires a lot of work. Do you want to go back in there again in the near future?

The other problem you’re having is probably a bad starter Bendix.


Eddie Meadows in the Orlando area is a good Corvair mechanic.


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Thanks Harry,

My 63 Monza has the same noise. How do I follow your instruction 

"Be careful"?


I also have an intermittent problem when I turn the key to start. It

sounds as if the starter throws the "nose" forward but it does not engage

the flywheel. After several attempts it engages and the engine starts.

Is that related to the bad flywheel or something else?


Should I be proactive and replace the flywheel, clutch and pilot

bearing or wait until it fails totally?  


Is there a  good, experienced Corvair mechanic near NE Florida? 



Bill :)y


You only live once but if you do it right ...once is enough

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Nope, it's the flywheel.
The rivets are loose; common problem.
Be careful, a loose flywheel WILL break starter noses.

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Thanks, Harry. However, the noise is most evident when the driven disk is
clamped - which is the opposite of what I would expect if it was the

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