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On 9/15/2017 10:59 AM, Hugo Miller wrote:
> #### Candle wax??
Dave Motohead has videos - turns out you can heat an item by not very 
much, and melted wax will just wick into tight places like the stuck 

I've only tried it once, with mixed results-
A horribly rusted drum and wheel (as in having been buried as an 
assembly) had the lug nuts rounded off from previous efforts to remove them.
I used a grinder to knock enough of the burrs so a socket would fit on 
the lugs.
Then used the candle wax method.
It broke the bond between the nut faces and the wheel enough so the 
torque could get to the stud threads.
Then the studs twisted off.
We only wanted the wheel, not the studs, so we counted it a success.

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> There's Motohead's candle wax method.
> But you'd still need to drill and ez-out it, or lay a nut over it and
> mig the end of the bolt to the inside of the nut.

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