<VV> 60-64 Steel Rear Fenders that I do not need

Kurt Guttensohn rizakoyt at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 17 16:12:13 EDT 2017

Hi guys,  Cleaning out the garage attic today and came across a couple of rear fenders.I bought these for the restoration of my 63 Corvair back in the late nineties from Clark's.I did not need them and still do not need them.  Does anyone in the Memphis TN area need them?  I have no idea how I would ship them if somebody needs them outside of the Memphis area.
If anyone is interested let me know.  I hate that they are just sitting there taking up space.
Here are the details:  Clark's 4 DOOR REAR FENDERS (also 2 Door & Wagon)    These rear fenders are designed for 1960-64 4-Door and extend to the door and dog leg and up to the "belt line".                2-Door - The rear section of these can be used approximately rearward from the dotted line (look at the catalog pg 188)    STEEL  Left C1528                 Right C1529
Here is a link to the catalog page.    Clark's Corvair Parts, Inc. - Corvair Parts Catalog - Over 12,000 parts

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