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"the limits of Easy Outs"

Yeah, the limits of a flawed concept.  The idea that you can take something 
smaller in diameter that the original twisted off bolt, wedge it in the 
middle of said broken bolt thus putting expansion pressure on the broken 
bolt, then expect it to withstand the torque required to remove the broken 

As I already stated, it may work on a new bolt.  That is the limit of an 
EZ-out.  The previously suggested use of one to remove a twisted off 
manifold stud is imprudent and outside of the recognized limits of the 

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The first step is to take every variation of an EZ-Out that you own and
throw them as far as possible.  That way you won't be tempted to try to use
them.  They might work on a brand new bolt that somebody gorilla-armed.  But
when (not if) one breaks off in a rusty and stuck bolt/stud your problems
have just begun.
Smitty Says;  Years ago one of our members posted that improper use of a
product does not constitute failure of the product.  If an individual is not
capable of recognizing the limits of Easy Outs, then it is better if he not
try to use them.

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