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-------- Original message --------From: Jack Kean <jkean at sbcglobal.net> Date: 9/23/17  8:02 PM  (GMT-06:00) To: Virtual Vairs <VirtualVairs at corvair.org> Subject: 1968 Corvair Monza 140 4speed Convertible for sale: September 23 Update - car is now driveable 

    This is the second post associated with the sale of my 1968
      Corvair Monza 140 4 speed Convertible. 

    The sale price remains at $5000.
    This post is being made on Facebook (on the Corvair Owners, and
      the Corvair Racers Groups), and the VirtualVairs, and the
      CorvairCenter Forums. The original post is at the end of this
      post. I've tried to include answers in this post from some of the
      questions that were posed on the original posts here.

    2 sets of pictures are posted at the Imgur site:
    1) posted on September 21, 2017 at: https://imgur.com/a/6yZhT

    2) posted after I drove the car out of the garage on September
      23, 2017 at: https://imgur.com/gallery/8ykZf#

    Videos taken of the car while the engine was running on Saturday,
      September 23, 2017 will be posted on the Corvair Owners Group and
      Corvair Racers page.
    I will send pictures and videos if individually requested to a
      valid email address.
    September 23, 2017 Update:
    I spent a couple of hours this morning (9/23/17) on the car. The
      battery seems to be holding a charge after being on a slow charger
      for the past week. I verified that the fuel pump was working, and
      put a dummy distributor in and pumped oil in the engine (around
      40+ PSI for around 5 minutes). I then cracked a fuel line and
      flushed some of the gas out of the system. Then I ran the fuel
      pump until both primary carburetor accelerator pumps began to
      squirt gas (got to love Stabil Marine fuel stabilizer keeping the
      gas ok for over 4 1/2 years of non use!). Finally I plugged the
      distributor back in and the car fired after about 3 rotations of
      the crank. Once warmed up, I verified that the car would move and
      stop and drove it around the block a couple of times. All systems
      are functional. The alternator is charging and the battery seems
      to be holding a charge. All instruments in the Corsa dash (tach,
      speedo, Cylinder Head Temperature, vacumn gauge, and the clock)
      are working, as are the Autometer oil pressure, oil temperature,
      and voltage gauges. Hot air exhaust doors are functional.
    This car is now driveable, but will need work before it is truly
      road worthy.

    Things that are on the car that were not included in the original
      post are:
    - Otto parts pan, extended pickup, and valve covers
    - fiberglass front air dam
    - Koni rear shocks
    - secondary oil pressure gauge in engine compartment
    - I have been finding more new and used parts in the garage that
      I will include with the car. Other items (that I just purchased
      but did not use, such as 5 quarts of Amsoil 10w40 oil and a Wix
      filter) can be included with the car for a small fraction of what
      I just paid for them.

    Sorry this is such a long post. Please do not hesitate to post
      comments, or to email me directly at: jkean at sbcglobal.net
    Someone needs to be driving this car when it
        turns 50.
    best regards,
    jack kean
    Arlington, Texas - September 23, 2017


    The first post (posted on September 18, 2017) is below:

    1968 Corvair 140 4 speed Convertible for Sale;
        Repainted with factory Evening Orchid


        Bought to become a daily driver 13 years ago. Plan was to finish
        it with rebuilt suspension/steering/brakes, but life (family,
        then cancer) got in the way.


        Originally built by John Polacchi (Manton, California) with a
        slight custom applied (gas filler in trunk, door latches
        replaced with buttons from 49 Lincoln, some removal of trim). I picked it up from a third
          party near Santa Barbara California with a "fresh" locally
          built engine, and new convertible top. A good 25 foot
        car. Always garaged. Have some of the history of the car from
        the original owner.


        Car devoured the OT10 cam shortly after I purchased it in 2004,
        which abruptly changed my plans. Sat in my garage for a number
        of years, then underwent rebuild of engine (with some advice
        from the late Ed Corson):

         - 10/10 nitrided crank, 040 Forged pistons, recon rods with Arp
        bolts, h/p oil pump, deep seat heads (Fumio Fukaya), new valve
        train, including NOS factory 304 cam, balanced, real Dale
        distributor with Pertronix, SafeGuard knock control system,
        deflashed, all oil passages deburred and cleaned up (case
        halves, rear housing, crankshaft, ...), rebuilt carburetors,
        high output alternator, new plug wires, mounts and bushings.
        Probably more stuff than I remember at this point. Never got
        this engine completely sorted out.


        New fuel tank, including all hoses and sender, and external
        front mount electric fuel pump with inertia sensor and fuel pump
        controller (by David Heath). Rebuilt pressure plate (Larry
        Claypool), real Dale bolted flywheel, American aluminum 16"
        wheels with tires that no doubt will need to be replaced.
        Factory adjustable column (pre-1968 version) with decent wood
        steering wheel. 3.27 open differential, with Saginaw
        transmission. Corsa
          dash (working clock and factory CHT), with Autometer gauges
          below center console, plus dual CHT (still in box). The non-factory
        interior is nothing to write home about. Top was new in 2004.


        This is a complete car that ran and had proper
        registration/inspection when I stopped driving it in 2013. This
        is not a barn find. Engine/transaxle needs to be sorted then
        onto suspension, brakes, steering and finally the interior. Most
        parts listed as new were purchased and installed prior to 2010.
        The car has not been driven more than a few thousand miles (or
        less) since then.


        $5000 (a small fraction of what I have in it); includes all
        parts that I have acquired and a correct CoverCraft Corvair car


        Second time I have sold everything and "left" the Corvair family
        (sold everything I had in 1991 to Chris Langley). Car has always
        been garaged in Arlington, Texas. I will find a picture or two
        and post them.

    I need the space to park my new 435i


        Someone needs to be driving this car when it turns 50.
    Jack Kean Arlington, Texas

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