<VV> 1968 Corvair Monza 140 4speed Convertible for sale: September 28 Update: This car is now sold

Jack Kean jkean at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 28 05:08:58 EDT 2017

I sold this car to Chris Shade (Shade's Classic Cars) yesterday.

Thank you for all of the interest. Regards, jack

On 9/23/2017 8:02 PM, Jack Kean wrote:
> This is the second post associated with the sale of my 1968 Corvair 
> Monza 140 4 speed Convertible.
> The sale price remains at $5000.
> This post is being made on Facebook (on the Corvair Owners, and the 
> Corvair Racers Groups), and the VirtualVairs, and the CorvairCenter 
> Forums. The original post is at the end of this post. I've tried to 
> include answers in this post from some of the questions that were 
> posed on the original posts here.
> 2 sets of pictures are posted at the Imgur site:
> 1) posted on September 21, 2017 at: https://imgur.com/a/6yZhT
> 2) posted after I drove the car out of the garage on September 23, 
> 2017 at: https://imgur.com/gallery/8ykZf#
> Videos taken of the car while the engine was running on Saturday, 
> September 23, 2017 will be posted on the Corvair Owners Group and 
> Corvair Racers page.
> I will send pictures and videos if individually requested to a valid 
> email address.
> September 23, 2017 Update:
> I spent a couple of hours this morning (9/23/17) on the car. The 
> battery seems to be holding a charge after being on a slow charger for 
> the past week. I verified that the fuel pump was working, and put a 
> dummy distributor in and pumped oil in the engine (around 40+ PSI for 
> around 5 minutes). I then cracked a fuel line and flushed some of the 
> gas out of the system. Then I ran the fuel pump until both primary 
> carburetor accelerator pumps began to squirt gas (got to love Stabil 
> Marine fuel stabilizer keeping the gas ok for over 4 1/2 years of non 
> use!). Finally I plugged the distributor back in and the car fired 
> after about 3 rotations of the crank. Once warmed up, I verified that 
> the car would move and stop and drove it around the block a couple of 
> times. All systems are functional. The alternator is charging and the 
> battery seems to be holding a charge. All instruments in the Corsa 
> dash (tach, speedo, Cylinder Head Temperature, vacumn gauge, and the 
> clock) are working, as are the Autometer oil pressure, oil 
> temperature, and voltage gauges. Hot air exhaust doors are functional.
> This car is now driveable, but will need work before it is truly road 
> worthy.
> Things that are on the car that were not included in the original post 
> are:
> - Otto parts pan, extended pickup, and valve covers
> - fiberglass front air dam
> - Koni rear shocks
> - secondary oil pressure gauge in engine compartment
> - I have been finding more new and used parts in the garage that I 
> will include with the car. Other items (that I just purchased but did 
> not use, such as 5 quarts of Amsoil 10w40 oil and a Wix filter) can be 
> included with the car for a small fraction of what I just paid for them.
> Sorry this is such a long post. Please do not hesitate to post 
> comments, or to email me directly at: jkean at sbcglobal.net
> Someone needs to be driving this car when it turns 50.
> best regards,
> jack kean
> Arlington, Texas - September 23, 2017
> - ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The first post (posted on September 18, 2017) is below:
> 1968 Corvair 140 4 speed Convertible for Sale; Repainted with factory 
> Evening Orchid
> Bought to become a daily driver 13 years ago. Plan was to finish it 
> with rebuilt suspension/steering/brakes, but life (family, then 
> cancer) got in the way.
> Originally built by John Polacchi (Manton, California) with a slight 
> custom applied (gas filler in trunk, door latches replaced with 
> buttons from 49 Lincoln, some removal of trim). I picked it up from a 
> third party near Santa Barbara California with a "fresh" locally built 
> engine, and new convertible top. A good 25 foot car. Always garaged. 
> Have some of the history of the car from the original owner.
> Car devoured the OT10 cam shortly after I purchased it in 2004, which 
> abruptly changed my plans. Sat in my garage for a number of years, 
> then underwent rebuild of engine (with some advice from the late Ed 
> Corson):
>  - 10/10 nitrided crank, 040 Forged pistons, recon rods with Arp 
> bolts, h/p oil pump, deep seat heads (Fumio Fukaya), new valve train, 
> including NOS factory 304 cam, balanced, real Dale distributor with 
> Pertronix, SafeGuard knock control system, deflashed, all oil passages 
> deburred and cleaned up (case halves, rear housing, crankshaft, ...), 
> rebuilt carburetors, high output alternator, new plug wires, mounts 
> and bushings. Probably more stuff than I remember at this point. Never 
> got this engine completely sorted out.
> New fuel tank, including all hoses and sender, and external front 
> mount electric fuel pump with inertia sensor and fuel pump controller 
> (by David Heath). Rebuilt pressure plate (Larry Claypool), real Dale 
> bolted flywheel, American aluminum 16" wheels with tires that no doubt 
> will need to be replaced. Factory adjustable column (pre-1968 version) 
> with decent wood steering wheel. 3.27 open differential, with Saginaw 
> transmission. Corsa dash (working clock and factory CHT), with 
> Autometer gauges below center console, plus dual CHT (still in box). 
> The non-factory interior is nothing to write home about. Top was new 
> in 2004.
> This is a complete car that ran and had proper registration/inspection 
> when I stopped driving it in 2013. This is not a barn find. 
> Engine/transaxle needs to be sorted then onto suspension, brakes, 
> steering and finally the interior. Most parts listed as new were 
> purchased and installed prior to 2010. The car has not been driven 
> more than a few thousand miles (or less) since then.
> $5000 (a small fraction of what I have in it); includes all parts that 
> I have acquired and a correct CoverCraft Corvair car cover.
> Second time I have sold everything and "left" the Corvair family (sold 
> everything I had in 1991 to Chris Langley). Car has always been 
> garaged in Arlington, Texas. I will find a picture or two and post them.
> I need the space to park my new 435i convertible.
> Someone needs to be driving this car when it turns 50.
> Jack Kean Arlington, Texas 

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