<VV> Late Model Amber Rear Signals ?

mark at noakes.com mark at noakes.com
Fri Aug 3 20:15:32 EDT 2018

..."when I drive my modern car". My wife drives a 2015 Jeep Unlimited

that I rarely drive. I only drive old vehicles...1958 - 1986. So that's
why I do some upgrades. I rarely leave anything stock, though for me
it's mostly performance and not so much safety. I compare driving older
vehicles to riding a motorcycle in traffic...extra vigilance required.


On 8/3/18 11:35 AM, William Hubbell via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Oh and while we are on the subject of “unsafe” turn signals, why not complain about the lack of air bags, antilock brakes, traction control, dual master brakes, etc etc on our Corvairs?
> Sheesh, people - why do you claim to like old cars and then keep “upgrading” them to modern car standards?
> The most important safety feature is the driver, and it’s clear to me that feature is lacking with most of the drivers on the road today.  They all seem to think the car should do everything for them.
> I guarantee you that when I drive my 54 year old “factory stock” Corvair, with its single master brake cylinder, “spear of death” steering column, no head-rest seats, and lap belt only restraints I cannot afford to be an inattentive driver.   And I most definitely do use my turn signals.
> At the same time I confess that when I drive my modern car with all its safety features I am much more likely to be distracted or become complacent.
> Bill Hubbell

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